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Jano Páral : Yes
Kedy 15. 06. 2014
od 19:00 do 22:00
Kde klub
Vstupné za členské
Autor Jano Páral

YES : Songs from Tsongas

Songs From Tsongas is the video release of a concert by the progressive rock group Yes recorded live at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts, on May 15, 2004. The video features the entire concert performed that night, which was part of the US leg of the band's 35th anniversary tour.

The setlist features songs from all eras of the band's career, including a large number of progressive rock classics from their 1970s heyday, as well as a rare performance from the band's 1969 début album, two tracks from the band's 1980s pop rock era, and the first performance of the 1996 epic "Mind Drive" from the overlooked Keys to Ascension albums (the band had never performed material from these recordings other than on the Open Your Eyes tour, when they played "Children of Light").