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TomašM : Z iného súdka : BLUES
Kedy 24. 08. 2014
od 19:00 do 22:00
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...tak v nedelu by som mohol dat nejake blues - inspiracia z Downbeat critics poll. Vybral som vsak trochu ine blues, skor nejaky crossover medzi blues, soul, rock, funk. Hlavnu hviezdu vecera by som oznacil asi v nasich koncinach Europy trocha neznamu hviezdu tohoto stylu, menovca Tommy Castro. Videl som ho nazivo este v case jeho zaciatku kariery v San Francisku roku 1997 a velmi sa mi pacil. Jeho aktualny album je hodnoteny ako jeho najlepsi v kariere a ja s tym tiez mozem v celku suhlasit. Mozno niektorym z vas (puristi, atd....) sa Tommyho hudba bude zdat trochu, neviem ako to nazvat, americky komercna a tak ale ved dame rec. V kazdom pripade je to skvely sympatak ( zeny ho miluju - potvrdzujem aj zo spominaneho koncertu v SF) na ktoreho koncerte vypukne vacsinou uz po 2 skladbe spontanna tancovacka - podotykam ze na hudbu blues !
Este dam z podobneho sudka gitaristu Joe Louis Walkera a nieco z klasickejsiho sudka - Buddy Guya. Vsetko ich aktualne albumy s nejakym pokecom a videom.

San Francisco's Tommy Castro has been at this roots and blues-rock thing for some 20 years now, and while at one time he was heralded as the next great guitar slinger, such claims only last until the next guy comes down the line with good tone and flashy technique, and since that seems to happen every other week, it's probably good that Castro brings a whole lot more to the plate than just his guitar playing. There's his voice, for one thing, a soulful and versatile blue-collar growl that sounds like Bob Segerworking his way through the Stax/Volt catalog, and he's also turned into a pretty good meat-and-potatoes songwriter, too, although yes, it's his guitar playing that keeps the pot boiling. Castro has been using horn sections and larger ensembles on his recent albums, but for this set he relies on his crackerjack new touring band the Pain Killers, comprised of longtime Castro bassist Randy McDonald, drummerByron Cage, and keyboardist James Pace, and the pared-down band brings a fiery garage energy to everything here, making this one of Castro's finest releases. Although there are also a lot of guest stars making appearances on The Devil You Know (Marcia Ballthe Holmes BrothersJoe Bonamassa,Mark KaranTab BenoitSamantha FishTasha Taylor, and the J. Geils Band's Magic Dick among them), they don't overrun the project, and this is Castro's show all the way, from the soulful, gospel-laced "Second Mind" and "The Whale Have Swallowed Me" through a cover of Wet Willie's "Keep on Smilin'," the bouncing, swinging "Mojo Hannah" (featuring Marcia Ball's piano and vocals), and the powerful "Two Steps Forward" (graced by the Holmes Brothers). Things close out with 2013's single "Greedy," which spotlights what a tight and garage-edged band the Pain Killers are. Yeah, this album is full of the blues, but it's also like a full-charged blue-eyed R&B and soul review, and the new configuration of Castro's band has him fired up and roaring on the Stratocaster with a renewed sharpness. [Steve Leggett, AMG]

Joe Louis Walker is the John Henry of the blues, a guy who works hard and isn't afraid to put his back into his music. Hornet's Nest is the man's tenth studio album since the dawn of the 21st century, and not a few journeyman bluesmen would be very, very happy to come up with a session this strong and diverse with twice the time to prepare. Walker and his band are in tight, ferocious form on Hornet's Nest, withWalker's blazing lead guitar work supported by Reese Wynans' rollicking keyboards, Rob McNelley's able second guitar, Tommy MacDonald's rock-solid bass, and Tom Hambridge's aggressive but tasteful drumming. The song list is eclectic, ranging from the hard-edged rock-leaning sound of the title cut, the psychedelic flourishes of "Not in Kansas Anymore," and the soulful, horn-fortified strut of "All I Wanted to Do" to the gospel-influenced moods of "Keep the Faith" and the down-home slide guitar showcase "I'm Gonna Walk Outside." And Walker's taste in covers is commendable, adding doo wop-style vocals to Jesse Stone's "Don't Let Go" and turning the Rolling Stones' "Ride On, Baby" into a roadhouse rocker whose twin-keyboard attack recalls Bruce Springsteen's E-Street BandWalker's vocals run to the rough side, but he never lacks passion and the touch of grit suits these tunes: he knows how to drive this band, resulting in an album that's rich, satisfying, and fresh despite its strong allegiance to traditional blues. (Drummer Tom Hambridge also deserves a shout-out for his production, which is powerful and well-detailed while also sounding natural and realistic.) Walker proves that there are still great barnstorming blues artists letting it loose in clubs and ducking into recording studios when they get the chance, and Hornet's Nest confirms that at the age of 64, he has an awful lot of life left in him.  [Mark Deming, AMG]