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GabiK : Crossroads Festival 2010
Kedy 28. 09. 2014
od 19:00 do 22:00
Kde klub
Vstupné za členské
Kontaktný tel. 0903900292


The Crossroads Guitar Festival is a music festival and benefit concert first held in 2004 and again in 2007, 2010, and 2013. The festivals benefit theCrossroads Centre founded by Eric Clapton, a drug treatment center located inAntigua. The concerts are also intended to be a showcase for a variety of guitarists. All were hand-picked by Eric Clapton himself, who addressed the 2007 audience, saying that each were some of the very best, and those who had earned his respect. 

The first Crossroads concert was held at the Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas, Texas, from June 4, 2004, to June 6, 2004. A two-disc DVD containing 250 minutes of footage of the 2004 concert was released in the same year.

The 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival was held at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois on July 28, 2007. Tickets were estimated as sold out for the 28,000 capacity park in 22 minutes. A DVD of the concert was released on November 20, 2007.

The 2010 Crossroads festival was again held at Toyota Park in greater Chicago on June 26, 2010.

The 2013 festival was held April 12–13 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Performers In order of appearance:

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